Introduction About Axia Human Capital Management (HCM)

AXIA HCM from Axia Information Systems is the leading HR software, with best–in–class service and support, creating the ultimate HCM user experience. Our next–generation HCM offers unmatched breadth and depth of functionality to manage your workforce from applicant to retiree. the most comprehensive feature that can be found in AXIA HCM is the core functionality.

Axia Hcm

AXIA HCM is a Cloud (Web Based) Application providing those in HR division a comprehensive solution for workforce management and offering employees direct access to view and manage their own information. Data is hosted on the cloud and can be accessed by users using a thin client via a web browser.

Functional Modules

  • Define common master records such as Departments, Designations, categories, Languages, Education, Relation, Professions, Religions, document types, Holiday types etc
  • Define user defined custom parameters to use in employee management
  • Basic shift management options
  • Define general and public holidays
  • Define various skill levels to use at employee master
  • Employee profile management
    • Filter employees based on department, division, designation, grade, Code etc
    • Employee record duplicate option
    • Detailed profile information including bank details, application user details
    • Employee personal information section
    • Define employee travel segments with ticket eligibility details
    • Define dependents with relation and DOB details
    • View employee annual leave status
    • List year wise and month wise salary process details
    • List all the documents those are submitted by the employee
    • Define all academic qualifications
    • Define Skills and Achievements
    • Define Language skills
    • Define time keeper details of the employee
    • Define WPS parameters and other custom parameters
  • Print employee profile as a summary or detail
  • View employee in hierarchy based on reporting
  • Define multiple Grades for your company
  • Define various service benefit rules
  • Employee end of service management
  • Settlement module
  • Define various leave types
  • Define Air fare details
  • Employee wise leave opening
  • Leave application, employee self-service module
  • Leave En cash application and approval work flow
  • Air ticket request per employee with approval
  • Reports related to leave
  • Define over time for each grade
  • Daily OT management
  • Salary process based on attendance
  • Amend salary structure based on a transaction document
  • Five Step Payroll process
  • Print various reports
  • Variance management
  • Define various loan types
  • Define multiple loan options for the grade with rules
  • Loan application module
  • Leave application process and approvals
  • Leave en cash application process and approval work flow
  • Rejoin application and approval work flow
  • Loan application and approval work flow

Why Axia HCM ?

It’s said that when you treat employees like they make the difference the In-turn end up doing the same. The human capital management Application, AXIA HCM takes care of all the HR and Payroll process of an Organization to its entirely. Built on Robust technology Oracle, it is Expandable to any team size and work as an effective measures to increase employee engagement and satisfaction. This adds th the value Of your business as employees are always your first customer.

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